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Reflection – “The Game”

There are many experiences that shaped me as both a consumer and producer of stories, but the earliest and most fundamental for me was the creation of what my siblings and I creatively called “The Game.” In my Literacy Narrative (“The Game”), I explain this long-lasting game of pretend and how it brought storytelling into my life. 

Through this assignment, I’ve learned that one of my greatest weaknesses when it comes to writing is getting started. I get too focused on what the end result will be rather than focusing on telling the story. The pre-writing really helped me combat this issue because it forced me to free-write within a time limit. This ensured that I didn’t have enough time to second guess or edit what I was saying until my time was up. The prewriting also helped me realize exactly how much I grew up writing, reading, and storytelling and although I didn’t use the exact story from my original prewriting exercise, I did write about the same topic.

It’s hard to view my writing through the eyes of others simply because of how many times I’ve reread it, but I think the following sentence would be viewed as most interesting due to its relatability. “Instead of games of pretend, my portals became sheets of college-ruled notebook paper and a 24 pack of mechanical pencils.” Everyone who writes (or partakes in any artistic hobby) probably remembers when they made the switch from simply benign someone with an imaginative mind to being someone who makes something with that creativity.

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