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Lady Luck

I found creating my quadriptych comic much easier than creating the triptych comic because having an additional comic square allowed me to tell a better story. Initially, I wanted to make a funny or clever comic, like the examples in the sketch 7 assignment post, but after brainstorming for a bit no ideas really worked out, so I did something more in my comfort zone and made a darker comic. I decided to compose the comic with the first 3 panels zooming out a little bit at a time until the third panel showed the full picture, and the fourth was the conclusion. My intended goal was to create a plot twist within the 4 frames to make a dark comic with a misleading beginning. I made the first two panels about the luck of ladybugs, in order to mislead the reader and make them believe that something lucky may happen, and then made the last 2 panels showcase the result of ignoring the sign of a lucky ladybug. This assignment, though not as challenging as the triptych comic, was still challenging for similar reasons: it’s hard to tell a complete story in so few panels. Having the middle act stretch across two panels rather than one made it much easier to include important details in my story, therefore allowing me to make the story more complex than the triptych comic because the additional panel allowed me to better build-up to the plot twist.

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