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College Life and My Social Battery

Data collection March 20-26
Data collection April 3-9

I was tracking my social battery, more specifically the impact of my different feelings on my social battery, for two weeks. From my data collection, I have concluded that I am a very social person, and it takes a lot to deplete my social battery. I had been recording data on my levels of academic stress, time spent outdoors, nice weather, sleep, loneliness, irritability, insecurity, anxiety, confidence, time away from friends, and my sense of achievement/accomplishment for the weeks of March 20-26 and April 3-9 by rating the feeling throughout the day on a scale of 1-10, where 1 was negative and 10 was positive. Even when I had a generally bad day with low levels of achievement, high stress, and low sleep, I could still have a generally high urge to socialize, and often I would find socialization rejuvenating. 

If I were to do this again, I would come up with a better way to standardize my data. Because this project was so subjective, I wasn’t sure what the best way to calculate the results would be and it may have led to inaccuracies in my conclusions. When gathering the data, because I just recorded how I felt generally at the end of the day, I had to make a lot of judgment calls regarding how to average and record a large range of emotions. If I had a good morning but a terrible evening then I had to figure out if the morning outweighed the night or vice versa in order to give it an accurate rating. I chose to visualize my data on a graph because I found it easier to look at with my ranking system. I think this could have been a more valuable tool if I were to record multiple times a day instead of once at the end of the day because my data would be more accurate and easier to quantify.

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