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Literacy Narrative Pt.3 – Reflection

The literacy narrative project has been a very useful assignment for understanding how to story-tell through the use of multiple modes. I especially found it helpful that we utilized comics as a step in the revision process because it allows me to think of my writing in a way that I normally don’t, and it really helped me refine what my narrative was actually about. In the first two parts of the literacy narrative project, my conclusion seemed very sudden and kind of slapped on. I realize that I was trying to wrap up my essay in a pretty way that would leave the reader satisfied, but prioritizing that had the opposite effect, and made my conclusion seem very surface-level and glossed over. This project was a great example of how writing is a process and the importance of both revision and reflection on that process. Having to write reflections on each side part of the literacy narrative project has forced me to really think about the differences between each draft. This helped me to figure out the specifics of what I liked and wanted to keep in the next draft, and what I disliked and needed to change. Though this project didn’t boost my confidence regarding my artistic ability, it did help me to understand the different aspects and thought processes that go into creating a comic, especially regarding the balance of text and illustration and how they support each other on the page.

When turning my initial text narrative into a visual narrative it both condensed and spread out my ideas in ways I hadn’t thought of doing it before. I enjoy being able to experiment with the passing of time specifically when introducing setting in the comic format. Also, creating the comic helped me realize what was missing from the narrative, to begin with, as I felt like I didn’t have enough material to make the comic with the narrative as it was because my narrative felt incomplete. A major detail that I noticed in my original narrative draft after creating the comic was that my original narrative focused on the different portals in my life rather than why the portals were actually important in my life. Making this realization made the revision process much easier for me because I had a clear goal for what I wanted the story to emphasize.

Literacy Narrative Pt.3
Literacy Narrative Pt.3 “The Game” Revision

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